Business Outline

The Dreamland of Total Display

KINUGAWA PACK GROUP develops the wide range of business in the display space and commercial space (exhibition hall, event venue, stage, fairgrounds, exposition, showroom, commercial facilities, cultural facility). Our business includes sale of materials, manufacture of sign graphics, a rental or sale of a system panel. In addition we are able to manage, plan and manufacture a display.

Since display system which we propose, considers recycling reuse, it leads to the measure against cost reduction and an environmental problem.

We are the Total Display Companies corresponding to a variety of needs from software to hardware.


material Our workstation is the information dissemination front line, which gazes at the new future. The business of each grows, is connected mutually and creates a new big stage.


exhibition "Exhibition" has functions, such as sales promotion, communication of information, and educational enlightenment. We have the organizing ability, which manages, plans and manufactures an exhibition.
Also, we propose the approach to the cost reduction and the global environmental problems by reuse of showpieces.Through many events, from software to hardware to meet the diverse needs, we aim for messenger as a media.


sign By performing large-sized output service in-house, cost reduction and speedup are realized in sign manufacture.Sign is the communication of sender and receiver.We plan the sign, which directs an attractive street corner in consideration of the communication, respecting the individuality of a client.


event An event makes a landmark and expresses individuality. For that purpose, symbolic forms, such as a corporate image or a regional peculiarity, are required. Events that we plan, has story nature, adding to the visual and sensuous intelligibility for a user, and advertising effectiveness. They connect a network as space and produce a new big stage.


shop We grope for new values with the passage of time, and make it to shape.By incorporating such as a nature-oriented or state-of-the-art technology, we will continue to propose new project always.