Environmental Programs

Efforts of "environment", "safety", and "improved quality"

Efforts of environment,safety and improved quality We have the role and responsibility for creating more affluent society through material sale of Show, Event, and Commercial space.
Our enterprise is concerned with society through customers.

Therefore, our missions are environmental preservation, safety and hygiene, and improved quality.

ISO9001 (Quality management system standard) certified

We acquire attestation of ISO 9001. (Space direction Division acquired in 2000; KEA Division acquired in 2008)
We perform improvement in customer satisfaction through quality assurance of a product and service.
We cultivate safety manager in our company.Moreover, we have joined various damage insurance for safety.

Environmental planner's training

Environmental planners have been certified from "Environmental Planning Association."
The environmental planner is able to satisfy both of business and environmental programs in our company.Moreover, that person can propose also to the environmental program of a customer.We bring up such environmental planners.

Now, the measures for the environmental problem in a company are various as follows.
> Observance of Environmental laws
> ISO 14001 attestation acquisition
> Introduction of environmental accounting
> Information disclosure by an environmental report
> Promotion of recycling

Please consult with us about the environmental program of Exhibition and Event.

KINUGAWA PACK GROUP tie-up disposing facility

We have tied up with the overseas disposing facility for waste treatment.